Petrobras: Peak Oil in 2010

Posted by Max Dunn Tue, 09 Feb 2010 16:39:00 GMT

The CEO of Petrobras gave a presentation in December of 2009 which shows world oil capacity peaking in 2010 because new oil projects won’t be able to offset the decline in existing oil fields.


These statements are in line with other oil company like Aramco that believes world oil production is on a peak plateau, and Total that doesn’t see global oil production ever exceeding 89 mbd.

(Reference: The Oil Drum: World Oil Capacity to Peak in 2010 Says Petrobras CEO)

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  1. Max Dunn said 36 days later:

    Here’s another study that puts peak oil a few years later:

    2014: New and Improved Peak Oil Forecast

  2. Max Dunn said 46 days later:

    An interesting warning from the US DOE which dances around the term “peak oil” but says that we might experience a decline in 2011, then an undulating plateau for several years, then a decline. Sure sounds like peak oil to me!

    “The U.S. Department of Energy admits that “a chance exists that we may experience a decline” of world liquid fuels production between 2011 and 2015 “if the investment is not there”, according to an exclusive interview with Glen Sweetnam, main official expert on oil market in the Obama administration.”

    (From: Washington considers decline of world oil production as of 2011)

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